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Turbosmart Blow Off Valves - Race Port UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbosmart | Category: Blow Off Valves (BOV)
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TS-0204-1101 Race Port BOV
Color Blue
Size 50mm
TS-0204-1102 Race Port BOV
Color Black
Size 50mm
TS-0204-1103 Race Port BOV
Female Flange
Fits TiAl Flanges
Color Blue
TS-0204-1104 Race Port BOV
Female Flange
Fits TiAl Flanges
Color Black
TS-0204-1106 Race Port BOV
Color Blue
TS-0204-1107 Race Port BOV
Color Black
TS-0946-1003 Race Port BOV
Color Red

Product Description

Completely redesigned for 2011, the new Race Port blow-off valve is a fraction of the size of the superseded model and provides an ideal combination of maximum flow and minimal weight. The new Race Port is perfect for hard core racing and street applications where big power and fast response is crucial.


  • Large 50mm Piston for massive flow
  • Billet aluminium construction
  • Silicone nomex diaphragm
  • Quick release V-Band clamp
  • Collar design allows for small size and light weight, It is 46% lighter and 25% smaller than old Race Port
  • Choice of Blue or Black colours
  • 17 inHg spring fitted
  • Supplied with vacuum fittings, weld flange and V-band assembly
  • Other springs and accessories also available
  • Also available with a female flange mount to fit other popular 50mm flanges


  • For large capacity turbocharger systems and high horsepower engines developing up to 800 HP+
  • Ideal for circuit and drag vehicles and trucks

Supplied With:

  • Quick-release V-Band Clamp, Aluminium Weld Flange.