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Turbosmart Blow Off Valves - Adapter Kits UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbosmart | Category: Blow Off Valves (BOV)
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
TS-0204-2001 Race Port Stainless Steel Weld Flange
TS-0204-3001 Race Port Alloy Weld Flange
TS-0205-2002 Weld-on Aluminium Adapter
Size 38mm
TS-0205-2003 SS Profiled Adapter
Size 38mm
TS-0205-2006 Hose Adapter
Supplied with FG-BLANK-19
Size 19mm
TS-0205-2007 Hose Adapter
Supplied with FG-BLANK-25
Size 25mm
TS-0205-2008 Hose Adapter
Supplied with FG-BLANK-32
Size 32mm
TS-0205-2009 Hose Adapter
Supplied with FG-BLANK-34
Size 34mm
TS-0205-2011 Adapter Block Off Cap
Fits all Turbosmart BOV Adapters
TS-0205-2018 Hose Adapter
Size 38mm

Product Description

All Turbosmart Mutli-Fit BOVs come with a Stainless Steel Weld-on Adapter which will suit most applications. The extended range of Universal BOV Adapters have been designed to cater for modified, space or access-restricted engine bays. They allow for simpler fitting, easier access and better looking BOV installations.

Vehicle Specific Kits
The easiest and by far the safest way of fitting a Multi-Fit BOV to your vehicle is with a Model-Specific Adapter Kit.

Designed to fit the factory engine with minimum fuss and technical knowledge. Each Model-Specific Adapter Kit comes with all the necessary hardware as well as an extensive pictorial fitting guide.

Most kits can be fitted in under an hour with no specialized tools, custom fabrication or welding. Because all the parts come from Turbosmart you can be assured of accurate fit and performance of the system.