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Brand: TiAL | Category: Wastegates
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001932 MV-SA Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Silver
002959 MV-SA Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Red
004856 MV-SAR Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Red
002957 MV-SA Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Black
002958 MV-SA Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Purple
002956 MV-SA Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Blue
004855 MV-SAR Wastegate 38mm
All Springs
Color Black

Product Description

This MV-S-A & MV-S-AR 38mm unit is designed specifically for motorsport applications that can’t utilize the water cooling ports on the standard MV-S wastegate. The MV-S-A & MV-S- AR has a 38mm valve but also has heat isolating and dissipation fins that separate the casting from the actuator top. Born into the world of Motorsport this waste-gate can handle the harshest of conditions and give the confidence of 100% performance. It is the choice waste-gate of many WRC and Grand-am teams.


  • High temp NiCrFe based alloy is used for valve and 347SS valve housing will offer longer product life compared to competing designs.
  • High temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm.
  • 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resist “relaxing” at temperature to 900F (483C).
  • Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel is used for the valve seat, and valve bushing.
  • All Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Mating weld flanges are 304L
  • Color anodized aluminum actuator (Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black).
  • 3 lower ports and two top ports for easy install, no need to rotate the actuator top at all, plugs included for unused ports.
  • V-Band inlet and outlet make install easy, flanges and clamps are in the box!
  • Integrated -4 AN water cooling ports that cycle a small amount of coolant through the actuator top to keep the temperatures down in extreme conditions such as road racing. These are leak tested after installation from the factory and can be removed if not utilized.
  • Five heat sinks raise the actuator top away from the casting to dissipate heat when water cooling can not be used
  • Designed for Motorsport/Road Racing

Included with every TiAL MV-I Wastegate:

  • MV-S-A Assembly
  • 2 TiAL -4 AN removable water fittings
  • MV-S Valve Seat
  • Inlet V-band clamp & Flange
  • Outlet V-Band Clamp & Flange
  • 2 TiAL Air Fittings
  • Plugs for unused air ports
  • Extra actuator springs