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BD Diesel S400 Turbo Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: BD Diesel | Category: Turbo Kits
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
14969880004 S410SX T6 Turbo
ISX Upgrade (Manifold Required)
171710 S478 T6 Turbo
ISX Upgrade (BD Exhaust Manifold Required)
171700 S400 T6 Turbo
ISX Upgrade for PDI Exhaust Manifold
1405460 S400 Compressor Inlet Flange Kit
1405461 S400 Compressor Outlet Flange Kit

Product Description

Designed to cool 650+ HP OR Customize up to 950 HP.

Features include…

  • Exclusive BD T4 Wastegate ready, race manifold. Keeps your bottom end power strong with pulse technology, while still providing a Wastegate option for protecting your charger with higher HP use and or NOS usage if needed.
  • BD custom intake and air box. Keeps your intake temperatures low and HP high. Avoid HP robbing heat soak and elevated intake temperatures from your engine bay.
  • Exclusive BD Velocity Stack 8” OD Air Filter out performs the competition.
  • Efficient and exclusive large single piece 90 Degree outlet turbocharger gives higher CFM with lower losses compared to equivalent multi piece compressor covers.
  • Kit comes with all supporting fasteners and hardware for a seamless install.

Note: S467 low A/R combinations must be wastegated to prevent turbocharger over speed conditions.