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STACK Dash Display - Pro LCD Motorsport Logger UNIVERSAL

Brand: STACK | Category: Gauges
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ST9918 Pro LCD Motorsport Display Logger
w/ Harness (IP65)
Incl Wire Harness ST570001
ST9933 10 Input Multi-Function 'MF' Expansion Kit
Incl Wire Harness ST875-202, ST877
ST9934 20 Input Multi-Function 'MF2' Expansion Kit
Incl Wire Harness ST875-202, ST875-402,ST877
ST9935 8 Input Multi-Function 'MFT' Expansion Kit
w/ RS-232 Telemetry Interface
Incl Wire Harness ST918083, ST877

Product Description

The Stack Colour LCD Motorsport Display is the next evolution of driver communication and data acquisition.

The carbon composite housing is IP65 sealed against water and dust intrusion and will easily withstand 20 g of continuous vibration and 50 g of shock.

Our 7” LCD panel ensures easy visibility under all circumstances with unmatched brightness and an optically bonded lens for extreme glare suppression.

The display layout is configurable to your individual specifications.

The system will accommodate two programmable data bus channels (I CAN and I serial) in conjunction with discrete analog sensors and its integrated 3 Axis Accelerometer.

Data collection can occur at up to 1,000 Hz and the internal memory allows for appropriate recording time.

User definable warnings take advantage of super bright, multicolour LEDs placed around the perimeter of the chassis to alert the driver to critical on-screen information.


  • 7.0”TFT LCD panel
  • Display Brightness: 1000 nit
  • Resolution: 800 × 480
  • Onboard photo sensors for automatic brightness control.
  • 16 User configurable multi-colour LED’s
  • Display features perfectly rendered virtual analog needles, value display bands, digital value indicators for vehicle parameters and configurable full color text warning messages.
  • 20 layers / screens / pages selected from user configurable templates (screens/instrument cluster designs/layouts), additional configurability supporting team selected graphics, parameter / instrument type and location, and size will be made available with future firmware and PC software releases.


  • Supply Voltage: 8-18VDC
  • Typical Power Consumption: 800 mA
  • Single 37 way AS connector.
    • Mating Connector: Deutsch Autosport AS614-35SN


  • 12 Configurable user sensor inputs
    • 4 Configurable for Pulse, 0-5v, or resistive (0-526 Ω)
    • 8 Configurable for 0-5V
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer +/-8g
  • Internal battery voltage
  • 1 Dedicated Laptrigger Switch Input
  • 4 Integrated Control Switches
  • 4 Configurable I/O
    • Control Switches
    • Pro Control Outputs – Drive external outputs for warning lights, relay control, etc.
  • GPS Input (RS-232) – Mapping, Laptiming, etc.


  • 1 Configurable CAN port – Up to 1 Mb/s (customer electronics package integration)
  • 1 Configurable RS232 port: GPS
  • 1 Ethernet port: (Configuration, Data Exchange, Firmware Upgrades)
  • 1 USB port: (Data exchange, configuration, Copy and upload, firmware upgrades)


  • Weight: 700g
  • Dimensions – 211mm Wide x 132mm High x 35mm Deep (excluding connector)
  • Carbon Composite Housing

Data Logging

  • Max number of channels: 128
  • Max sample 1,000 Hz
  • Max total samples per second: 8,000
  • Internal Memory: 4GB solid state internal
  • Supplied with DataPro Analysis software
  • Data Security: Pin code prevents data review by unauthorized personnel


  • IP65 sealed
  • Operating temperature range: -7°C to +80°C
  • Humidity: 0-100% RH
  • Continuous vibration up to 20g, Shock up to 50g