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PIAA Bulbs - H16 Series

Brand: PIAA | Category: Lighting

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Product Description

The PIAA Ion Crystal Fog Bulb is designed for use with the 60XT Series Ion Crystal Fog light. This 12V-h2 halogen bulb puts out a patented ion crystal amber/yellow light and provides 85 watts of light for 55 watts. Less reflective than white, this light reduces the amount of glare in extreme fog and improves visibility in inclement weather. It is designed with a high-quality heat-resistant tube, uses patented ion crystal technology.

  • PIAA’s Xtra Technology produces more light with stock power draw
  • Crisp yellow output improves visibility in inclement weather
  • 2500K Yellow Color has significantly less glare than white light
  • Long Life
  • One Year Warranty