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Painless Performance Race Accessories UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
30203 Remote Starter Solenoid
50105 High Amp Alternator Shutdown Relay
60406 Weld In Oxygen Sensor Fitting/Bung
30711 Racing Safety Charge Wire Kit
30201 Hot Shot Plus w/ Engine Bump Switch
30202 Hot Shot

Product Description

Hot Shot Engine Bump Switch
Allows you to turn over the engine from the engine compartment for adjusting valves. It also overcomes starting problems due to an overheated starter or worn out electrical system by boosting amperage to the starter solenoid every time the vehicle is started.

Hot Shot Amperage Booster
Designed to overcome starting problems due to an overheated GM style starter or worn out electrical system. Works by boosting amperage to the starter solenoid.

Remote Start Solenoid
This switch allows you to position the starter solenoid any place you need to in order to make maintenance easier. Comes with wire and connectors to do the job right.

Alternator Shutdown Relay Kit
This kit, complete with 250 amp solenoid, will effectively handle alternator feedback of the highest amperage alternators. Eliminates engine run-on when the master disconnect is turned off.

Alternator SafetyWire Kit
Connects alternator charge wire to battery side of remote disconnect to prevent alternator run-on when shutoff is engaged. Contains 25’ of 8-gauge wire and connectors.