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Halogen Headlight Harness
For maximum power from your headlights you must have the shortest possible distance between the power source and the bulbs. Some factory headlight wiring is not designed to handle high power Halogen Head-lights, especially when upgrading to a higher wattage. Running the power through the switch is even worse. Resistance in small gauge wire or in the switch will lower the output at the lamp. Be Safe! Our headlight harnesses draw power directly from the battery, through a relay, to the headlights, providing full power to your H4 conversion headlights or Halogen sealed beams. They can also be used to relocate head-lamps to a remote location (to accommodate a snow plow, for example). They are made with TXL high temp wire, weather resistant 30-Amp fuse, and two 40-Amp weather resistant relays capable of handling up to 150 watts. #30815 and #30816 are for use on vehicles with a 2-headlight system using dual filament sealed beams or H-4 headlight conversions. #30817 is for use on vehicles with a 9005 and 9006 bulb on each side.(Will not work on Toyota vehicles)

*Note:Vehicles using dual filament, halogen sealed beam or H4 conversion type headlights use kit #30815.

Halogen Headlight Relay Kit
Designed to upgrade most American cars, from the late 1950’s to the mid 1980’s that have 4 headlights to H-4 style Halogen Bulbs. This kit eliminates the need to buy 2 kits & install /route redundant wiring.

High Beam Headlight Relay
Why do the low beams on 1988 on GM pickups and Suburbans low beams go off when the high beams are turned on? These kits will increase the intensity and improve the light spread pattern by keeping all four lights on in high beam mode.

Auxiliary Lighting Relay Kit
Install extra driving or fog lights easily and properly with our Auxiliary Light Relay Kit. Switch can be wired to turn lights on per state law requirements: Low beams & auxiliary lights, Highbeams & auxiliary lights, Auxiliary light operation only. Complete kit includes lighted switch, wiring harness, 30 amp relay and terminals.

Halogen Brake Light Relay Kit
When upgrading tail lights to halogens, always use a relay. This kit gives you everything you need to protect your wiring and switches.

LED Flasher Upgrade
If you’ve upgraded to LED type lighting, this relay is the correct flasher to handle the job.

H4 Headlight Plugs
Preterminated with butt connectors for easy attachment. Perfect for replacement of worn original connectors.