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Painless Performance Fuse Block UNIVERSAL


70117 7-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block
80101 Maxi-Fuse Assembly
30004 Weatherproof Universal Style Pre-Wired Fuse Block
20-Fuse Waterproof Fuse Block Kit
70107 7-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block
70203 3-CircuitWeather Resistant Auxiliary Fuse Block
70217 7-CircuitWeather Resistant Fuse Block
30001 Universal Style Pre-Wired Fuse Block
11-Fuse ATO Fuse Center
70114 3-Circuit High Amperage Auxiliary Fuse Block
50101 Race/Pro Street Pre-Wired Fuse Block
11-Fuse Race Car Fuse Block
70118 7-Circuit Heavy Duty Auxiliary Fuse Block
70207 7-CircuitWeather Resistant Fuse Block
70213 3-CircuitWeather Resistant Fuse Block
80102 70 Amp Maxi-Fuse
30003 Universal Style Pre-Wired Fuse Block
18-Fuse ATO Fuse Center
70103 3-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block
70121 Auxiliary Fuse BlockWeather Resistant Covers
7 Circuit
30002 Add-On Fuse Block
4-Fuse ATO Fuse Center
70113 3-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block
70120 Auxiliary Fuse BlockWeather Resistant Covers
3 Circuit

Product Description

Don’t go unprotected! Electrical accessories can send voltage spikes through your system, damaging everything from light bulbs to computers. The safe way to add electrical accessories is with CirKit Boss, the first circuit isolating auxiliary fuse blocks that provide both constant and ignition hot circuits. No more tapping into an existing wire or into a spare circuit at the fuse block. Using these add-on, relay activated fuse blocks is the safe way.

Only a small activation wire from any ignition source is needed to turn on the relay that turns on the fuse block. All CirKit Boss models are made using TXL cross link polyethylene wire rated to 125 0C (275F) degrees. All harness wires are 48” long and factory machine terminated. CirKit Boss includes an in-line circuit breaker, relay, mounting hardware, & terminals. Protects your OEM warranty. Easy to install. Safely adds ignition hot and constant hot circuits.