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Painless Performance Charging System Accessories UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
30705 Pigtail For CS 130D Internal Fan Alternator
40030 Electrical System Surge Protector
30707 CS Style GM Alternator Pigtail
30700 Ultra High Output Alternator Wire Kit
Up to 190 Amps
30706 Delco Alternator Pigtail
30709 High Amp Alternator Wire Kit
Up to 100 Amps
30831 Ford 3G Style Alternator Harness
30720 Diode Kit

Product Description

Ultra High Output AlternatorWire Kit – Up to 190 Amps
In most cases, your factory wiring or even a Painless Performance Chassis Harness is only rated for an alternator with 80 amps or less. Connecting your new high amperage alternator using too small a charge wire will lead to inadequate charging and/or over heating of the charge wire, possibly leading to a fire. The Ultra High Output Alternator Kit will let you safely, reliably, and “Painlessly” install an alternator with up to 190 charging amps.

The kit includes a high amp inline fuse with protected fuse holder, all necessary ring terminals, heat shrink, and a detailed set of diagrams and step by step instructions to provide a professional installation.

High Amp AlternatorWire Kit – Up to 100 Amps
For alternators that produce more than 65 amps, this add-on kit provides heavier gauge wiring with connectors to complete the high output alternator installation process quickly, easily and safely.

Ford 3G Style Alternator Harness
Kit contains everything needed to connect to a 3G alternator: 8’ of 6 gauge charge wire, pre-terminated harness with the correct connectors, 150 amp inline fuse, an assortment of weather proof splices, and detailed color instructions.

Pigtail for CS 130D Internal Fan Alternator.
Resistor included.

Diode Kit
Used for 10SI & 12SI Alternators.

Delco Alternator Pigtail
A replacement pigtail using the factory original plug for the popular “Delcotron” alternator, pre-terminated with the ignition input wire and voltage sensing wire.

CS Style GM Alternator Pigtail
A replacement pigtail using the factory original plug for the late style or “CS” style GM external fan alternator. Resistor included.

Electrical System Surge Protector
Voltage spikes can cause damage to various components in your vehicle’s electrical system. This easy to install device clips the spikes at 14.5 volts to protect sensitive electrical accessories. Installs between positive and negative battery terminals.