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Painless Performance Battery System Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Painless Performance | Category: Batteries


40105 Remote Battery Cable Kit
Size 16ft Red & 16ft Black
50710 Master Disconnect Switch
w/ Mount Plate
80114 Power Distribution Block
Color Red
40100 Remote Battery Cable Kit
Size 16ft Red & 3ft Black
80112 Junction Block
80116 Power Distribution Block Set
Color Red/Black
30206 Remote Master Disconnect
w/ Mechanical Latching Solenoid
40112 Replacement 250 AMP Solenoid
80115 Power Distribution Block
Color Black
40106 Remote Battery Junction Blocks
80140 Master Disconnect Switch
30204 Remote Master Disconnect Kit
30205 Remote Master Disconnect
w/ Emergency Push Button
80000 Painless MIDI Fuse Holder (100 AMP)

Product Description

Remote Master Disconnects
Whether complying with sanctioning body requirements, car show rules or simply for your vehicle’s security, Painless has the right battery disconnect for you.

We offer two kits with 250 amp continuous duty solenoids for use with high amperage alternators. Kit #30204 uses a toggle switch to activate the solenoid.

This switch can be hidden anywhere as a theft deterrent. Kit #30205 with Emergency Push Button is perfect for race applications as it allows installation of a large emergency push button in easy reach if you need to shut down your vehicle’s electrical system in a hurry. Our #30206 kit with Mechanical Latching Solenoid is a simple and effective anti-theft deterrent for everyday vehicles. The 110 amp continuous duty solenoid is activated by an easy to hide momentary push button. No risk of accidentally draining your battery with this latching solenoid.

Power Distribution Blocks
Clean up that mess of power connections on your battery’s terminals. These rugged 8-point power distribution blocks allow neat and safe connection points for electrical accessories.

Junction Block
Two isolated 10 gauge posts provide a perfect way to attach two large gauge wire connections.

Remote Battery Junction Blocks
Through-bulkhead terminals with one positive (red) and one negative (black) 3/8” connector stud for battery cables.

Remote Battery Cable Kit – 16’ Red & 3’ Black
Only the highest quality components go into our remote battery cable kit. Comes complete with 16 feet of red #1 gauge positive battery cable and three feet of black #1 gauge battery cable, both with heavy duty battery terminals already installed.133 strand copper cable with lightweight abrasion resistant insulation capable of handling over 250 amps. Kit includes side post adapters and high amp crimp ring terminals.

Remote Battery Cable Kit – 16’ Red & 16’ Black
Allows both positive and negative cables to be attached to the engine for maximum starting current.These two16 foot, #1 gauge cables help prevent voltage drop to the engine. Eliminates the need for additional heavy cable connections between the engine and frame.