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Painless Performance Battery Management Systems UNIVERSAL

Brand: Painless Performance | Category: Batteries
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
40102 250 AMP Dual Battery Control System
40103 Weatherproof 250 AMP Dual Battery Control System

Product Description

280 AMP Digital Power Manager
Are you running a reserve battery but don’t need a full 500 amps of current handling capacity? If so you may want to consider this smaller 280 amp Digital Power Manager. This DPM has many of the same great features of our larger capacity DPM’s (40122 & 40121) such as priority charging, battery isolation and automatic load sensing. This system is not a continuous duty cycle system and is best described as a battery “isolator” with some “separator” benefits. This system also includes the indicator light allowing you to monitor the status of the DPM.

280 AMP Digital Power Manager with 500 AMP Jump Start
This kit has all the same functionality as our #40120, yet adds the ability to provide a total of 500 amps of jump starting current to assist with a partially drained main battery. This kit includes a push button momentary switch to mount on the dash for jump starting and a 250 amp solenoid. This kit is especially useful for vehicles that may sit for long periods of time without being restarted to charge the main battery.

250 AMP Dual Battery Control System
These two kits come with a 250 amp solenoid, on-off-on toggle switch, red & green indicator lights and a preloomed harness. These kits continue to be a great product for those of you out there looking for the simple, manual operation of combining two batteries on a vehicle. Both batteries can be charged at the same time and connected for large loads based on the manually selected position of the included toggle switch. These kits do not monitor voltage or have any decision making circuits to handle the monitoring of voltage and load automatically.