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Holley LS Water Pump UNIVERSAL

Brand: Holley | Category: Water Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
22-100 LS Water Pump
w/ Forward Facing Inlet
Fits All LS w/ Standard and Middle Belt Alignments
22-101 LS Water Pump
w/ Forward Facing Inlet
Fits All LS w/ Long Belt Alignments
22-102 LS Water Pump
w/ Upward Facing Inlet
Fits All LS w/ Long Belt Alignments

Product Description

Holley is known as the “LS-Swap” company supplying everything you need. They now offer water pumps covering all non-supercharged applications and all belt alignments. Maybe your donor’s engine has a questionable water pump, or after you started fitting that LS under the hood you notice the accessories interfere with things you didn’t expect. Changing the belt alignment can help. Holley offers these quality pumps to get you there with ease.

The Holley pump is a budget swap’s best friend. The most popular LS swap engines are the common and cost effective truck engines. One of the first problems you run into is the inlet neck on the truck pump is going to stick right through the hood of your vehicle. Other pump options are out there, but they require changing out your entire accessory drive system to match their belt alignment… There went your budget. Holley’s LS-Swap pump gives a quality-reasonably priced option that fits under your hood AND works will all the truck accessories.

Holley just keeps making swaps easier and easier.