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Brand: HKS | Category: Electronic Accessories
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
91112-083100 VPC Air Temp Sensor Mount
Size 1/4 PT
91112-086100 VPC Air Temp Sensor Mount
Size 1/8 PT
17270-001100 VBC Orifice
Size 6mm
17275-003100 VBC Mounting Bracket
4603-RA001 Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Required to Control D-Jetro, For F-CON V Pro Ver.3/4

Product Description

Everything you need to modify your VPC, including:

  • Air Temperature Sensor for VPC
  • Sensor harness for VPC Air Temp sensor and VPC Pressure sensor into VPC headunit
  • HKS VPC Super Mega Flow adapters physically replace the factory air-metering device with precision steel or aluminum pieces that allow for improved flow characteristics and greater flow capacities while securely mounting an HKS Super Mega Flow air filter.