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Flex-a-Lite Heavy Duty Oil Cooler - Remote Mount

Brand: Flex-a-Lite | Category: Oil Coolers

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Product Description

Use a remote fan-assist cooler for: applications where there isn’t enough space to mount on the radiator and provide reliable cooling; when locating the cooler up front would expose the cooler to possible damage or destruction (rally, off-road competition, mud-running, dirt track, etc.); or when the engine is subject to overheating from high rpm and low vehicle speed like low-low 4-wheel climbing.

Shrouded HD Remote Oil Cooler (Part # 45951)
This thermostatically controlled unit features a custom shroud that maximizes the effect of its powerful electric fan, and can be mounted wherever space permits. Big enough to cool a 30,000 lb. motor home transmission. Optional manual switch. Supplied with Gator Clip mounting clamps. Also available in Dual Circuit models.

Heavy Duty Remote Oil Cooler (Part # 45901)
This sturdy combination gives the freedom of remote location at a down-to-earth price. The optional manual switch and A/C override switch fits this unit as well. Gator Clips mounting system can be ordered as an accessory. Also available in a Dual Circuit version.

Shrouded Heavy Duty Remote Oil Cooler (Part # 45265)
This compact unit features a 850 CFM electric fan that provides its own cooling air supply. Built-in mounting flanges. With 1/2” female NPT – Tube dia. 5/8”