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Dynamat Superlite UNIVERSAL

Brand: Dynamat | Category: Installation Components
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
10612 Dynamat Superlite
3 Sheets
Size 18" x 32"
10648 Dynamat Superlite
Bulk Pak
12 Sheets
Size 18" x 32"

Product Description

Dynamat SuperLite is for the vehicle owner who wants great sound damping, while keeping weight and price to a minimum. Designed in the same fashion as Dynamat Xtreme, SuperLite is a space-age composition of light-weight aluminum and a low density synthetic core. The aluminum constraining layer is merely 2 thousandths of an inch thick (.002”), making it very pliable for a user friendly installation. The butyl layer is also 50% thinner than Dynamat Xtreme to decrease weight, and add to SuperLite’s ease of installation. While damping efficiency is near 20% less than Dynamat Xtreme, SuperLite’s performance exceeds that of competitor products of similar thickness.