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Dynamat DynaSpray UNIVERSAL

Brand: Dynamat | Category: Installation Components
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10025 DynaSpray
Spray Tool
12025 DynaSpray
Bulk Jug

Product Description

Want an easy solution for sound deadening and thermal insulation in those hard to reach areas? Dynamat DynaSpray is a water-based, ceramic coating that can be sprayed as an interior treatment, undercoating or used under the hood. It can be left as natural flat black or finish painted. This multi-purpose liquid is very durable and contains rust inhibitors for long lasting protection. Available 2.5 gallon jug.

For professional results, use the DynaSpray spray gun.

DynaSpray Gun
Although you can apply DynaSpray to large surfaces with a paintbrush or roller, you’ll want to use the Dynaspray Spray Gun for quick, professional results. The DynaSpray Spray Gun is the perfect tool for undercoating and applying Dynaspray to hard-to-reach areas, giving you smooth paintable results.