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BD Diesel Screamer Turbocharger

Brand: BD Diesel | Category: Turbochargers

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Product Description

Featuring an upgraded 64.5mm Ballistic Compressor Wheel and 70mm Turbine Wheel, you’ll see a huge gain in airflow which equates to more power, lower temperatures, and better fuel economy. Further, it features a brand new, factory Holset VGT actuator. Most other companies use either cheap, aftermarket actuators or reuse core (used) actuators, but unfortunately, all of these fail, and the only method to ensure reliability is starting with a brand new unit from the original manufacturer.


Drops in to the stock location
Can support modifications up to 690HP with additional performance mods
Utilizes a brand new Holset VGT actuator
Ballistic 64.5mm Ballistic 7+7 blade compressor wheel and 70mm 12 blade turbine
Each turbo actuator stroke is tested prior to shipping