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Aeroquip Tools - ProCrimp 1380 UNIVERSAL

Brand: Aeroquip | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
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FT1380-115 Pro-Crimp Machine
Machine Only
FT1380-1-1 Pro-Crimp Machine Package
Incl Instruction Video/Machine/All Die Cages
to Crimp -04AN Through -16AN StartLite Hose & Fittings

Product Description

The ProCrimp FT1380 is the industry’s easiest and fastest means of assembling Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products hose and fittings. The ProCrimp 1380 is electronically controlled to give fast, accurate crimps each and every time you need a hose assembly.

Eaton ProCrimp 1380 sets a new standard for simplified, fast crimping of hose assemblies. This machine can be set up in any shop, garage or work area to crimp 1 and 2 wire braid, 4 spiral, and many other hose styles offered by Eaton.

The ProCrimp 1380 is totally compatible with Eaton’s MatchMate Plus hose assembly program. Matching and mating hose to fittings and to the tooling in the ProCrimp 1380 make hose assembly simpler than ever. Decals have been prepared to fit the ProCrimp 1380 with all of the MatchMate Plus hose styles, including MatchMate BLUE.

The standard work light on the ProCrimp 1380 illuminates the top of the fittings being crimped in this upright crimp machine. The work area is highly visible due to the upright design. Viewing of the fitting during the crimping operation is easier than ever. And the ever popular FT1330XL “Oxley Locater” can be added to the die cages for use with MatchMate Plus TTC fittings for even easier location.

The ProCrimp 1380 uses an ENERPAC 10,000 psi hydraulic pump and cylinder which provide quiet, efficient crimping. When the power unit is on, the electronic display and work light are lighted to indicate setup for crimping. The pump doesn’t actually begin to operate until the crimp toggle switch is activated, saving energy and motor wear.


  • Fast, quite easy to use
  • Crimp -4 through -20, 4-spiral hose
  • Crimps Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products StartLite® and AQP® Racing Hose, and Racing Hose, Teflon
  • Pre-set crimp settings
  • Programmable electronic controls
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Upright design
  • Standard work light
  • Simple die cage insertion
  • Full flow hydraulics with spring return
  • “Soft” retract position
  • ENERPAC® hydraulics
  • Minimizes training and mistakes
  • Crimp popular hose styles
  • Fast setup time
  • Simplified crimping
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Minimal effort calibrating machine
  • Easy hose insertion
  • Easy to see work
  • Fast cycle time
  • Minimum cycle distance and time
  • Reliable/serviceable/standardized